Heidelberg University (Germany) and the Indian Government, Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Biotechnology (DBT) initiated the “RTG Big Data Research” to meet the demand for training highly talented young academics in big data research.

Due to fast technological advancements in the past decades, vast amounts of data with large volume, velocity and variety, so called Big Data, are generated from different research fields. As traditional computational approaches are not suited for dealing with Big Data, new methods for analysis, storage, mining, sharing and visualization of these data need to be developed. In the medical and life sciences, this particularly applies to research in bioinformatics and computational biology, including mathematical modeling of biological processes and pathways, model discrimination and optimization, data analytics, machine learning approaches, data mining and visualization.

“RTG Big Data Research” aims at doctoral students enrolled and postdoctoral researchers as well as principal investigators conducting research in the fields of mathematics, informatics, biotechnology or related areas at leading Indian partner institutions and the Heidelberg University.