IIT Guwahati

IIT Guwahati was established in the year 1994 by an Act of the Parliament for providing cutting edge scientific and technological education in the country and is the 6th member of the IIT fraternity. Its academic programme commenced in 1995. IITG is now actively engaged in increasing its global footprint.  The institute in just two decades of its existence has now regularly featured amongst the top 100 institutes in respected global rankings. IITG in fact was the only institution from India with a place in the top 100 institutions less than 50 Years of age published by the London based Times Higher Education (THE) and was ranked 14th among 20 institutions classed as the World’s Best Small Universities in the latest THE rankings. This is primarily because of its excellent faculty, a wide range of national and international research collaborations and tie-up with top universities around the world. It was recently ranked 7th amongst all HEIs in India in the National Institutional Ranking Framework 2017 (NIRF ‘17).

IIT Guwahati continues to develop and diversify each year. Since major technological developments in the future would require expertise from various disciplines, we have been promoting the concept of virtual research departments. The endeavours for a High performance-computing centre, a research centre for Computer Security are the other goals in this direction. IIT Guwahati boasts of ‘Param-Ishan’- the supercomputing facility. It has the power of 250 Teraflops and three hundred tera bites capacity and which not only has augmented the research initiatives in the Institute, but also helps in creating an ecosystem for attracting right talents to the field of research. Through this initiative, IIT Guwahati hopes to retain its excellence and reputation in High performance computing and Computer Security and providing the best and the latest engineering and computing resources in the entire country.

The Institute currently has 11 academic departments, 7 advanced research centres with more than 150 laboratories. The new initiatives in the Biological Sciences, Speech and Signal Processing, Flexible Electronics, Smart Grids, Experimental Physics, Environmental Studies, Computational Mechanics, Quantum Computing, Nano-Technology, Theranostic Devices augur well for this spirit of excellence in this Institute. In the years to come, IIT Guwahati, is expected to become the ultimate destination of scholars and scientists from the world over.

IIT Guwahati is a fully residential campus. All the students live in hostels located on the campus. Also faculty members live on the campus.

Mission Statement:

The vision of IIT Guwahati is to be an Institute of higher learning where ideas and thoughts are constantly been generated and re-generated, where change is the norm, where complacency is unknown. It is to be an Institute that is caring, that is sensitive, that is generous, and that is full of humility. It is also to be an Institute that will lead the world into the new frontiers of knowledge, into new level of technology, and into a system in harmony with nature. The Institute is also to be sensitive to the development efforts of India and the north-eastern region, where it is located.