About RTG Big Data Research

“RTG Big Data Research” is an Indian-German research network funded by the Indian Department of Biotechnology (DBT) and Heidelberg University (Germany). It aims at doctoral students enrolled and postdoctoral researchers as well as principal investigators conducting research in the fields of mathematics, informatics, biotechnology or related areas at leading Indian partner institutions and the Heidelberg University.

Core part of the RTG Big Data Research is to train PhD students in managing, processing, modelling, analysing and interpreting different text and image data types from specific sources, such as human genome sequencing data, large sets of high-content bioimages, scanning imaging data, text data and biological data from other sources. Students will undergo a bilateral four-year curriculum with joint supervision from Heidelberg University and one of the Indian partner institutions. Over a period of five years 50 doctoral students will be funded.

Principal Investigators form research tandems to jointly supervise selected PhD students. This fosters network building and sustainable scientific collaboration. They can work as visiting researchers at the partner institution.

Postdoctoral researchers will have the chance to work at both partner organizations, to gain access to different research infra structure and international research experience at the same time. Three postdoctoral researchers can be funded per year.

Networking Meetings, Schools and other events will support the creation of a tight network between the participating researchers and foster further common research projects between their institutions. All program measures strongly support the establishment of sustainable research structures between Heidelberg University and the partnering institutions in India.

Key benefits for participants

  • Visiting researchers, postdoctoral researchers and PhD students have full access to facilities and resources at both partnering institutions
  • They have residence, work and study in a foreign country at internationally leading research institutions
  • PhD students have joint scientific supervision by two senior scientists at the partnering institutions in Heidelberg and India and attractive training programs at the graduate schools in Heidelberg and India
  • The program helps participants to establish an international career network in both countries and beyond and supports a sustainable research network between the participating principal investigators in India and Germany.