Scientific fields covered by the RTG Big Data Research

The core of the RTG Big Data Research Program is to train PhD students and to facilitate bilateral exchange between Indian researchers from affiliated partner organisations and scientists from Heidelberg University working in the field. The curriculum for the students is comprised of projects in the area of big data research in the context of different scientific areas, such as:

  • Biology and Life Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science

In these areas, the program allows students to acquire competences in the following methodologies:

  • Bioinformatics/Computational biology
  • Mathematical modeling, simulation and optimization
  • Image processing
  • Machine learning
  • Data visualization
  • Text analytics
  • Data mining
  • Algorithms for big data processing
  • High-performance computing
  • Parallel and distributed computing
  • Cloud computing

and related areas.

In 2018 the first three students joint the program. The program runs five years. Each year the scientific board selects up to ten students and three postdoctoral researchers.