Fields of Research

As traditional computational approaches are not suited for dealing with Big Data, there is an urgent need to develop new methods for analysis, storage, mining, sharing and visualization of these data. In the medical and life sciences, this particularly applies to research in bioinformatics and computational biology. Anticipated fields of research and methods used of/by this Research Training Group are for example:

  • Mathematical modelling
  • Data science and analytics
  • Modelling chromatin folding/ gene activity/ gene regulation
  • Genome analytics
  • Research in public health
  • Geo data / geo info systems
  • Visualization of large data
  • Data mining from social media
  • Simulation of heart diseases/organs etc.
  • Computational genomics
  • Development of tools in bioinformatics
  • Structure based bioinformatics and in silico drug discovery
  • Systems biology
  • Statistical modeling
  • Systems biology
  • Complex system studies
  • Crop genetics & informatics
  • Machine/deep learning for biological data analysis
  • Mathematical biology
  • Computational RF and antenna
  • Biomolecular Simulations
  • Computational Biophysics
  • High-Throughput Sequencing Data Analysis/Genome Informatics
  • Petri Nets and Graph Theory
  • Etc.