Syed Ibrahim Rizvi

Professor for Biochemistry – Teaching and Research
University of Allahabad

Syed Ibrahim Rizvi is currently a Principal Investigator in a major research project sponsored by SERB-DST, New Delhi (2018-2021) called ‘Anti aging strategies based on caloric restriction mimetics: Role of glycolytic & mTOR inhibitors, and sirtuin activators in an accelerated senescence model of rat’ (Rs. 44,12,200).

He teaches as Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Allahabad. He has been a visiting Professor at several Universities including University of Athens, University of Nice, University of Pisa, University of Milan, University of Rome, Istanbul University, Szeged University, and Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia. Prof. Rizvi is a grantee of the International Foundation for Science, Sweden. His research interests include the aging mechanism(s), anti-aging interventions, metabolic diseases, and natural products. Till date, he has published 165 research papers, 10 book chapters and a large number of popular science articles. He is recipient of fellowships/grants from EMBO, FEBS, ICRO, Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), and DST, India. He was conferred the Academic Excellence Award of the University of Allahabad in 2016.
His writing goes beyond scientific publishing as he is also engaged in writing popular science articles. He has written on the biology of music, laughter, sleep, etc. and has a keen interest in evolutionary psychology.

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Research interest

  • Aging mechanisms, lifespan, anti-aging interventions
  • Circadian rhythm, role of melatonin, impact of different durations of light
  • Non-neuronal effects of capsaicin (understanding why people in hot climates eat more capsicum)
  • Efficacy of traditional system of medicine in hyperlipidemia

Field of Expertise

Gerontology, Erythrocyte Membrane Biochemistry, Redox homeostasis

Selected publications

  • Singh S, Singh AK, Garg G, Rizvi S.I. 2018 Fisetin as a caloric restriction mimetic protects rat brain against aging induced oxidative stress, apoptosis and neurodegeneration. Life sciences 193, 171-179
  • Saraswat K, Rizvi S.I. 2017 Novel strategies for anti-aging drug discovery. Expert opinion on drug discovery 12 (9), 955-966.
  • Singh AK, Garg G, Singh S, Rizvi S.I. 2017 Synergistic Effect of Rapamycin and Metformin Against Age-Dependent Oxidative Stress in Rat Erythrocytes. Rejuvenation research 20 (5), 420-429
  • Chaudhary MK, Singh S, Rizvi S.I. 2017 Redox imbalance in a model of rat mimicking Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome. Biochemical and biophysical research communications 491 (2), 361-367
  • Garg, G., Singh, S., Singh, A.K., Rizvi, S.I. 2017 Metformin alleviates altered erythrocyte redox status during aging in rats. Rejuvenation research. 20 (1), 15-24

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Department of Biochemistry
University of Allahabad
Allahabad 211002

Phone: +91 9415305910

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