Julio Saez-Rodriguez

University Hospital Heidelberg

Julio Saez-Rodriguez Since focuses his research on developing and applying computational methods to understand signalling networks and their deregulation in disease, and to apply this knowledge to develop novel therapeutics.
In 2007 he obtained his PhD at the University of Magdeburg and continued his research as a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School and M.I.T. 2010 he returned to Europe as a group leader at the renown EMBL-EBI and as a senior fellow at Wolfson College (Cambridge). 2015 he accepted a call as a professor of Computational Biomedicine at RWTH Aachen. 2018 he joint Heidelberg University. He is also the director of the DREAM challenges.

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Responsibilities at home organisation

  • Professor of Medical Bioinformatics and Data Analysis at the Faculty of Medicine of Heidelberg University
  • Director of the Institute of Computational Biomedicine
  • MMPU Group Leader

Field of Expertise

  • Computational Biomedicine
  • Systems biology

International Experience

  • Co-director of DREAM Challenges, since 2010
  • Founding member of CoLoMoTo (Consortium for Logical Models and Tools), since 2010
  • Steering Committee member of ISoP’s Systems Pharmacology Special Interest Group, since 2015
  • Committee member of the Community of Special Interest ‘Computational Modeling of Biological Systems’ within the International Society for Computational Biology, since 2015
  • Faculty of F1000, since 2016

Network within RTG Bio Big Data Research

Swagatika Sahoo, IIT Madras

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Institute of Computational Biomedicine
Im Neuenheimer Feld 267
BioQuant – BQ 0053
69120 Heidelberg, Germany

Phone: +49 6221-54 51334
E-Mail: julio.saez@bioquant.uni-heidelberg.de
E-Mail of assistant: admin [dot] saez [at] bioquant [dot] uni-heidelberg [dot] de

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