Mohan Prasad Singh

Coordinator Centre of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics
University of Allahabad

Mohan Prasad Singh has secured throughout first division in his academic career, awarded Fellow, Award of Excellence, Distinguished Service Award, Scientist of Year award, UGC-JRF Award etc. He is having over 27 years of teaching and 30 years of research experience. He edited five books, published more than 50 research papers and completed six research projects. He guided seven students for PhD degree and presently eight students are pursuing research for PhD degree.

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Research interest

Mushroom Biotechnology

  • Focusing on stress responsive transcriptome data
  • Combining wet lab and dry lab i.e. algorithmic parameter as well as statistical analysis approaches

Field of Expertise

Mushroom Biotechnology, Bioremediation, Molecular Biology

Selected publications

  • Chaturvedi, V.K., Singh, A., Dubey, S.K., Hetta, H.F., James, J. and Singh, M.P. (2019) Molecular mechanistic insight of hepatitis B virus mediated hepatocellular carcinoma. Microbial Pathogenesis 128: 184-194.
  • Chaturvedi, V.K., Singh, A., Singh, V.K. and Singh, M.P. (2018) Cancer Nanotechnology: A New Revolution for Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy. Curr Drug Metab
  • Bhardwaj, A.K., Shukla, A., Maurya, S. Singh, S.C., Uttam, K.N., Sundaram, S., Singh, M.P. and Gopal, R. (2018) Direct sunlight enabled photo-biochemical synthesis of silver nanoparticles and their Bactericidal Efficacy: Photon energy as key for size and distribution control. J. Photobiol.188: 42-49
  • Chaturvedi, V.K., Agarwal, S., Gupta, K.K., Ramteke, P.W. and Singh MP (2018) Medicinal mushroom: boon for therapeutic applications.3 Biotech 8:334
  • Vaseem, H., Singh, VK and Singh, MP (2017) Heavy metal pollution due to coal washery effluent and its decontamination using a macrofungus, Pleurotus ostreatus. Ecotoxicology and Environmetal Safety 145: 42-49.
  • Bhardwaj AK, Shukla A, Mishra RK, Singh SC, Mishra V, Uttam KN, Singh MP, Sharma S and Gopal R (2017) Power and Time Dependent Microwave Assisted Fabrication of Silver Nanoparticles Decorated Cotton (SNDC) Fibers for Bacterial Decontamination. Front. Microbiol. 8:330. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2017.00330
  • Pandey, V.K. and Singh, M.P. (2014) Biodegradation of wheat straw by Pleurotus ostreatus. Cell Mol Biol (Noisy-le-grand); 60(5):29-34.
  • Singh, V.K., Srivastava, M., Dasgupta, A., Singh, M.P., Srivastava, R. and Srivastava, S. (2014) Increased virulence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv overexpressing LipY in a murine model. Tuberculosis. Volume 94, Issue 3, Pages 252-261;
  • Singh, M.P., Vishwakarma, S.K. and Srivastava, A.K. (2013) Bioremediation of direct blue 14 and extracellular ligninolytic enzyme production by white rot fungi- Pleurotus spp. BioMed Research International; Volume 2013,Article ID 180156, 4 pages

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University of Allahabad
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