Sapna Ratan Shah

Associate Professor
Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi

Sapna Ratan Shah received her PhD degree in Mathematics. She is currently working as Associate Professor at Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, School of Computational and Integrative Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She published 61 research publications as the main author and co-author in national and international journals. She completed two research project received from UGC and JNU, New Delhi. And presently one research project is ongoing in JNU, New Delhi. She supervised seven Ph.D research scholars and presently supervises three PhD research scholar, one postdoc fellow scholar and six Master’s internships in JNU, New Delhi.

Principal Investigator | Supervisor

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Research interests of relevance to the project

Mathematical modelling of cancer cell

Field of Expertise

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Applications of partial differential equation

Selected publications

  • Sapna, R. S., Rohit K. Performance of Blood Flow with Suspension of Nanoparticles Through Tapered Stenosed Artery for Jeferey Fluid Model. International Journal of Nanoscience 17, 1850004-07 (2018).
  • Sapna, R. S., Rohit K. Study of blood flow with suspension of nanoparticles through tapered stenosed artery. Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics. 13(10), 7387-7399, (2017).
  • Sapna, R. S., Siddiqui, S. U., Geeta. A Biomechanical approach to the effect of body acceleration through stenotic artery. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 261,145-58, (2015).
  • Sapna, R. S., Siddiqui, S. U., Geeta. Mathematical Modelling of blood flow through catheterized artery under the influence of body acceleration with slip velocity. Application and applied Mathematics An international journal, 8, 481-494, (2013).
  • Sapna, R. S., A biomechanical approach for the study of deformation of red cells in narrow capillaries. IJE: Transaction A: Basics, 25, 303-313, (2012).

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Mathematical Lab
School of Computational  and Integrative Sciences

Phone: 918527441044   – (91) 011 – 2674 1517 & 2670 4171
Fax: 011-26741586

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Heidelberg Principal Investigator: Anna Marciniak-Czochra

PhD candidate: Rohit Kumar (tbc for Phase 1)

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