Thomas Ganslandt

Principal Investigator
Heidelberg University

Thomas Ganslandt is Member of the Medical Faculty Mannheim of the Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg. In March 2018, he was appointed as the Acting Director of the Heinrich-Lanz-Center for Digital Health at Mannheim University Medicine and he heads its Department of Biomedical Informatics.
Prior to joining Heidelberg University, he led the data warehousing and research IT team at the Erlangen University Hospital. Together with his team, he closely cooperated with the Erlangen Chair of Medical Informatics in numerous international research projects. In 2017, Thomas Ganslandt received his habilitation at the Medical Faculty of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg.

Principal Investigator

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Responsibilities at home organisation

Acting Director of the Heinrich-Lanz-Center for Digital

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Heinrich-Lanz-Zentrum für Digitale Gesundheit
Universitätsmedizin Mannheim
Haus 3, Ebene 4
Theodor-Kutzer-Ufer 1-3
68167 Mannheim

Phone: +49 621 3838071

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