Arfa Jabin

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi

Having graduated in the field of Computer Science Arfa Jabin as imbibed the love and passion for the computation and mathematical/computational analysis in all their forms. “This love drives me to take on all the challenges and my thirst for excellence keeps me motivated to achieve what I aim for”, she says. She is confident that the strong foundation in this subject together with her perseverance will help her realize her goal. “During my current courses of study I have been trained in relevant areas of data analytics such as Statistical Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Modeling, Data warehousing and Integration, Computational Biology, Statistics and Linear Algebra, Graph Theory and Networks, Programming and Simulation Lab, etc. These courses helped me to gain an in-depth understanding of the applications of mathematical and numerical methods to solve interdisciplinary research problems. I have learned a great deal on using mathematical and computational tools to model and understand complex biological systems.”

A doctorate in a challenging field with the perks of exploration and an opportunity to provide the society with a more sophisticated and a sustainable solution, is what she desires the most. “It will also enhance personal qualities like patience, continuous self-motivation and the spirit of enquiry in me, which I will truly need in the run.”

Arfa has also an artistic bent: “Apart from academic works, I feel zeal in doing hand embroidery and reading Urdu poetry. Photography is also one of my hobbies.”

PhD Student | Doctoral Candidate

Further information

Research interest


  • Bachelor in: B.Sc. (Honours) in Computer Applications
  • Master in: Computational and Integrative Sciences

Research interest

  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analytics
  • Bioinformatics


Heidelberg Principal Investigator: Benedikt Brors

Indian Principal Investigator: Shandar Ahmad (JNU)

“Among Germany’s historic (and highly-ranked) universities, Heidelberg University is an excellent choice for a study abroad, but when it comes to doctoral research the country has even more to offer. I have got  a positive idea about the academic culture of Heidelberg University during my masters visit in 2018.

This program will help me expand my horizons, discover a new country and culture and enhance my personal development. I will be exposed to new research environment or methods as well as academics who have a different perspective.”

Anna Marciniak-Czochra
Kaushal Kumar