Hanumant Singh Shekhawat 

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Hanumant Singh Shekhawat worked as postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. His research was on multi-linear data reduction techniques, which has applications in video processing, MRI and (higher dimensional) data analysis. He completed his PhD in the Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Twente in The Netherlands. He conducted research on optimization problems required in sampling and interpolation. These techniques have applications in digital signal processing. He gained his masters in the Department of Electrical Engineering with specialization in microelectronics and his bachelor in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and Rajasthan University in India, respectively. After the master degree, he worked in industry for around four years in the area of electronics, software, and algorithm development. He continues researching in the area of signal processing, machine learning and applied mathematics in his current position as assistant professor at Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. His research interest lies in broad area of signal/data processing, system theory, electronics, machine learning and applied mathematics.

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Research interest in relevance of the project

  • Mathematics of Tensors and applications in data analysis and machine learning. 

Field of Expertise

  • Applied Mathematics 

Selected publications

  • Shekhawat, H. S., & Weiland, S. (2018). A locally convergent Jacobi iteration for the tensor singular value problem. Multidimensional Systems and Signal Processing, 29(3), 1075-1094. DOI: 10.1007/s11045-017-0485-9 
  • H. S. Shekhawat and S. Weiland. A novel computational scheme for low rank approximations of tensors. ECC, July 2015.
  • Pandey, Sandeep, Jelil, Sarfaraz , S R M Prasanna, H S Shekhawat. Speaker Identification Using Tensor Decomposition of Acoustic Models. Tencon, South Korea, 2018.
  • H. S. Shekhawat and G. Meinsma. A sampled-data approach to optimal non-causal downsampling. Mathematics of control, signals and systems, 27(3):277-315, 2015. 
  • G. Meinsma and H. S. Shekhawat. Frequency-truncated system norms. Automatica, 47(8):1842-1845, 2011. doi:10.1016/j.automatica.2011.05.004

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